Joanna : 9 Months

Look at the ADORABLE Joanna and her nine month self!!!

You may remember her super cute face from her 3 month shoot, and her baptism. She has made a regular appearance here and I am HONORED to capture all her sweet milestones!

We met in one of the coolest alley ways I have ever seen. The location was the perfect backdrop for those cute red boots!!

We had a little rain, and had to snuggle under a tiny awning to wait it out. There was no quenching Joanna's sweet smile though! She was all sunshine! ;)

After a quick outfit change, We found this fun door that matched her sweet dress PERFECTLY! 
How cute are her little expressions?!?!

This is one beautiful family- inside and out! 

We finished the shoot with a handful of playful reflection shots.

I am not sure who had more fun- Joanna playing in the mirror, or me capturing it?

 Happy 9 months Joanna!! You are such a beautiful, energetic, happy little girl!


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