Ava : Birth

Meet the precious Ava Gabrielle.

Ava's birth was the quickest I have ever photographed by far. She even came into the world with her arms open wide saying, "here I am! I have arrived!!!"

I arrived to the hospital and Juana and Daniel were just sitting there quietly smiling at each other. It was such a sweet time. 

When it came time to push, Juana pushed for 30 minutes and sweet Ava arrived <3

Meet Ava Gabrielle
Born January 13th at 11:45pm
Weighing 7lbs 12oz and measuring 19in long

The best moments were right after she was born. Daniel broke down like only a first time dad can. It was such a tender, sweet moment! 

Daddy's hands 

Tiny toes!

Congratulations on a beautiful, beautiful baby girl!

Here is the birth slideshow!


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