Jackson : Birth

Meet sweet little Jackson.

I love photographing special milestones of friends from high school. It brings me joy to see their children grow up as I remember watching THEM grow up :)

When I arrived at the hospital, Ashley was exhausted from a sleepless night. She arrived at the hospital the night before to start the induction process and found it hard to sleep.

I don't think Jacob got much rest either ;)

I love to grab a photo of the baby bump the last seconds before pushing starts. This is truly Jackson's last moments in the womb!

Ashley pushed like a champ. Ashley pushed so well, the nurses both yelled, "STOP!!" when Jackson started to come before the doctor was even in the room! 

Here he is!!! 

Meet Jackson Bryant
born January 24th at 11:54am
weighing 8lbs 6oz and measuring 21in long

After a bit of kangaroo care, we brought Peyton in to meet his little brother! Jackson had a gift waiting for him and the SWEETEST moment was when Peyton was sharing his car with his brother! Melted my heart!!

Peyton was so sweet watching Jackson's first bath! I love this shot! 

Here is a beautiful slideshow of Jackson's birth! 


Anonymous said...

Jenny, the slideshow is beautiful. Love it. You did a great job. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories.
Glenda Phillips, Jackson's Great Grandmother

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